Kains Chronicle | The Sage Breaker Saga

Enter a world of mystery and grim adventures. Join Mathias Kain and Johnathan Abel as they awaken to a world vastly changed during their centuries of cryosleep. Mathias searches for clues to his past, while Johnathan wishes he could forget the loss of his family, and his new reality.

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Meet Nicholas Powell

Nicholas L. Powell was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and at a young age he found a love of storytelling. Which grew as he started reading authors such as Raymond E. Feist, and R. A. Salvator. Eventually he found an outlet for his passion and imagination in running role playing games with friends and family. Currently he lives in Texas, and advocates for families in need. He is an active member of the non-profit community. But his love of storytelling has not dimmed over the years as he now writes sci-fi, fantasy, and urban fantasy while still participating in the role playing community

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